How to Measure Your Foot At Home For Shoe Size Before Online Shopping

Online shopping has opened a whole new world to consumers. You can buy everything while sitting in your house. Buying online means more choices and better prices. It becomes difficult when it comes to ordering the right size. Clothes can still be adjusted after the purchase but not footwear. Hence, this article will share the knowledge on How to Measure Shoe Size for Online Shopping.

Know Shoe Size Before Buying

Choosing the right size is a critical factor while doing online shopping. When it comes to footwear, get five types of measurements centimeters, UK, US, EU, and inches.

For winter footwear, make sure you are wearing a thick pair of socks when measuring your feet. Measure your foot from the heel to the tip of the longest toe.

You should measure your feet wearing a sock of medium thickness. Socks can also make a difference in the sizing of shoes. Exotique Shoe brands in India are available online, offering a wide variety of each type.

Measure your Foot at Home

1 – Tape a piece of paper down to the floor. You are going to trace an outline of your foot to measure, so avoid doing this on carpet or any other surface that will be difficult to write on

2-Place your foot firmly on top of the piece of paper. Your leg should be bent slightly and your shin should be in front of your ankle. Try to put your foot perpendicular to any lines on your paper. You can stand, sit on a chair or crouch down.

3-Draw the outline of your foot all the way around. You can wear the socks you are planning to wear with the shoes you would like to buy, but don’t wear shoes.

4-Mark the length and width of your foot on the paper. Use your marker to draw a straight line touching each side of the outline.

5-Measure the length of your foot. Use a tape measure or ruler to measure from the top to the bottom. Write this number down. This number will largely determine your shoe size.

6-Measure the width of your foot. Measure between the lines on the left and right sides and write the number down. Many shoes come in different widths, so this number will determine which version to buy.

7 – Use your length and width measurements to find your shoe size on a sizing chart. Men and women use different sizes, as do different countries.








This article helped you to learn to measure your shoe size for online shopping. I hope it helped you buy the perfect size for your footwear. Do share your experience using the comment section given below. It will help the other readers to know how effective this article is. Share this article with the people who keep ordering the wrong size footwear online and help them.


What is the Difference Between Canvas Shoes and Sneakers

The main difference between Canvas shoes & Sneakers is that Canvas shoes have a Canvas top while Sneakers have a top made of Cloth or a Synthetic substitute.

In fact, Canvas shoes are a very basic form of Sneakers. The canvas material gives these shoes some unique properties, which make them different from Sneakers. However, both these types of shoes are Casual shoes worn by Men and Women. They are soft, lightweight, and comfortable.

Table of Contents

  1. What are Canvas Shoes
  2. What are Sneakers
  3. Similarities Between Canvas Shoes and Sneakers
  4. What is the Difference Between Canvas Shoes and Sneakers

KeyWord Terms

Canvas Shoes, Sneakers

What are Sneakers

If we look at the basic design of sneakers, the shoe’s upper part is made with cloth or synthetic substitute while the sole is flexible and made with rubber or some other synthetic material. It is these rubber sole that makes the shoe extremely comfortable, even while doing sports or physical activity. The name sneakers actually come from the squeaky noise these rubber soles produce while walking. Moreover, most people refer to all shoes with rubber soles with sneakers, but this is not correct.

There are different models and designs of sneakers; some include high tops covering the ankle, low tops (do not cover ankles), mid-tops (between high tops and low tops), and sneaker boots. Adidas, Nike, Fila, Puma, Brooks, and Converse are some popular shoe brands that manufacture sneakers.

What is Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are light shoes with a canvas upper and a rubber sole. As their name suggests, they are made of canvas – a coarse cloth material made of hemp. Canvas shoes are a very basic form of sneakers. They are available in many shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Moreover, they are multi-purpose shoes that can be matched with a wide variety of outfits. Canvas shoes are lightweight, comfortable, versatile, and easy to clean. In addition, they are not very expensive.
However, canvas shoes do not have much cushioning, support, or shock absorption. This is why they are not very suitable for intense physical activities like running, aerobics, or playing tennis. Sneakers are more suitable for this kind of physical activity. Another drawback of canvas shoes is that they are not good winterwear. Canvas material is not waterproof and not good at insulating the feet against the cold.
Similarities Between Canvas Shoes and Sneakers
Canvas shoes and sneakers are worn by both men and women
They are casual shoes.
Also, both are lightweight and comfortable.
Both shoes are suitable for outdoors and sports.

Difference Between Canvas Shoes and Sneakers

Sneakers are a type of soft, light, and comfortable shoes suitable for sports or other physical exercises while canvas shoes are light shoes with a canvas upper and a rubber sole.

The upper part of sneakers is made with cloth or synthetic substitutes while the flexible sole is made with rubber or some other synthetic material; the upper part of canvas shoes is made of canvas, which is a coarse cloth material made with hemp.

Canvas shoes do not have much cushioning, support or shock absorption, while sneakers do.

Sneakers are suitable for sports activities while canvas shoes are not ideal for some physical activities like running.

You can wear sneakers in winter, but canvas shoes are not suitable for winter since the material is not waterproof and does not insulate against the cold.

Sneakers are a type of soft, light, and comfortable shoes suitable for sports or other physical exercises while canvas shoes are light shoes with a canvas upper and a rubber sole. Sneakers are more common, good for intense physical activities, and used as winterwear while canvas shoes are not suitable for some activities like running and aerobics and are not winterwear. Thus, this is the main difference between canvas shoes and sneakers.

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Buy Exotique Men’s Casual Pure Leather Belt (BM0116)

Make Heads Turn With Your Unique Style By Wearing This Nubuck Belt From Exotique. This Belt Is Beautifully Crafted From Leather And Features Stitch Details And Is Ensured To Add A Touch Of Class To Your Outfit.

Professional Workmanship

Durable Buckle
We choose a zinc alloy buckle for durability. Our buckle is resistant to rust, corrosion, and tarnishing which will be shiny as a new one even years later.
This extremely gorgeous and timeless buckle design will go well with jeans, trousers, chinos, and dress pants.

Sturdy Stitching

While the hardware is durable enough, stitching also needs to be sturdy to last for a long time. We use streamlined doubled stitching in every joint in our belts. On the surface of the belt, you can see the detailed contrast stitching, and even the cutting edges, no loose threads left.

Sturdy yet stylish, this is a high standard of craftsmanship without a doubt.

For Casual and Party wear Outfits

This Tan, Black, Silver, and Blue sleek belt from Exotique can go well with both casual and formal wear.

You can match the belt with a pair of denim and a casual shirt for an attractive look.

How to Adjust the Belt Lenth?

The belt can be easily adjusted to your size in just 4 easy steps

  1. Unscrew the buckle
  2. Pull the buckle out
  3. Cut the belt strap according to your size and make a hole for the screw
  4. Attach buckle and screw again. Voila ! Your belt is ready

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Happy Bakri Eid | From history to significance |here’s all you need to know about the Muslim festival

Eid-al-Adha or Bakri Eid, also known as the festival of sacrifice, is one of the most significant festivals in the Islamic calendar. On this day, Muslims sacrifice a male sheep or goat to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim—a devotee of Allah’s willingness to sacrifice his son according to God’s command. This festival is the second most important holiday for Islamic followers,first being Eid al-Fitr.

When is it celebrated:

As per the Islamic lunar calendar, Eid al-Adha falls on the 10th day of one of the most sacred months of the Islamic calendar: Dhu al-Hijjah but according to the Gregorian calendar, the date varies every year and shifts 11 days from the previous date.
This year, Eid al-Adha is being celebrated in India on 11 August, and will continue until the evening of 12 August.


As per the popular legend around Eid al-Adha, Prophet Ibrahim had a dream in which he was sacrificing his only son, Ishmael. Being a great believer in Allah, he took his dream literally and wanted to sacrifice his son. Moved by his devotion, Allah sent angels to place a goat in place of Prophet’s son.

Since then, many Muslims around the world sacrifice an animal mostly a male goat which is divided into three parts- One is kept for relatives and friends, the second part is distributed among the poor and the needy, and the last part is retained for immediate family members.

How Muslims around the world celebrate it:

On this day, Muslims wear new clothes and offer prayers in mosques to seek Allah’s blessings. It is believed that Eid is a day of victory and those who are successful in their spiritual growth receive Eid with a victorious spirit. It proves that one has control over his desires and leads a disciplined life. Also, Eid al-Adha is considered the final day of Hajj, where devotees go to Mecca in Saudi Arabia on pilgrimage.

The pilgrims who go to Mecca are known as Hajjis, dressed in simple clothes called Ihram to signify that in the eyes of Allah, everyone is equal.

Apart from this, Muslims exchange presents among family and friends on this occasion. Dishes including mutton biryani, mutton korma and mutton keema, with desserts like sheer kurma and kheer are eaten to celebrate the day.

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Raksha Bandhan | Exotique Shoe Celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan | Gifts ideas for Raksha Bandhan

About Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi)

The bonding between a brother and a sister is simply unique and is beyond description in words. The relationship between siblings is extraordinary and is given importance in every part of the world. However, when it comes to India, the relationship becomes all the more important as there is a festival called “Raksha Bandhan” dedicated for the sibling love.

This is a special Hindu festival which is celebrated in India and countries like Nepal to symbolize the love between a brother and a sister. The occasion of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu luni-solar calendar in the month of Shravana which typically falls in the August month of Gregorian calendar.

Meaning of Raksha Bandhan

The festival is made up of two words, namely “Raksha” and “Bandhan.” As per the Sanskrit terminology, the occasion means “the tie or knot of protection” where “Raksha” stands for the protection and “Bandhan” signifies the verb to tie. Together, the festival symbolizes the eternal love of brother-sister relationship which does not mean just the blood relationships only. It is also celebrated among cousins, sister and sister-in-law (Bhabhi), fraternal aunt (Bua) and nephew (Bhatija) and other such relations.

Importance of Raksha Bandhan among various religions in India

  • Hinduism- The festival is mainly celebrated by the Hindus in the northern and western parts of India along with countries like Nepal, Pakistan and Mauritius.
  • Jainism- The occasion is also revered by the Jain community where Jain priests give ceremonial threads to the devotees.
  • Sikhism- This festival devoted to the brother-sister love is observed by the Sikhs as “Rakhardi” or Rakhari.

Origin of Raksha Bandhan Festival

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is known to have originated centuries before and there are several stories related to the celebration of this special festival. Some of the various accounts related to the Hindu mythology are described below:

  • Indra Dev and Sachi- According to the ancient legend of Bhavishya Purana, once there was a fierce battle between Gods and demons. Lord Indra- the principle deity of sky, rains and thunderbolts who was fighting the battle on the side of Gods was having a tough resistance from the powerful demon King, Bali. The war continued for a long time and did not came on a decisive end. Seeing this, Indra’s wife Sachi went to the Lord Vishnu who gave her a holy bracelet made up of cotton thread. Sachi tied the holy thread around the wrist of her husband, Lord Indra who ultimately defeated the demons and recovered the Amaravati. The earlier account of the festival described these holy threads to be amulets which were used by women for prayers and were tied to their husband when they were leaving for a war. Unlike, the present times, those holy threads were not limited to brother-sister relationships.
  • King Bali and Goddess Lakshmi- As per an account of Bhagavata Purana and Vishnu Purana, when Lord Vishnu won the three worlds from the demon King Bali, he asked by the demon king to stay beside him in the palace. The Lord accepted the requested and started living with the demon king. However, Goddess Lakshmi, wife of Lord Vishnu wanted to return to his native place of Vaikuntha. So, she tied the rakhi around the wrist of demon king, Bali and made him a brother. On asking about the return gift, Goddess Lakshmi asked Bali to free her husband from the vow and let him return to Vaikuntha. Bali agreed to the request and Lord Vishnu returned to his place with his wife, Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Santoshi Maa- It is said that the two sons of Lord Ganesha namely, Shubh and Labh were frustrated that they had no sister. They asked for a sister from their father who finally obliged to their sister on the intervention of saint Narada. This is how Lord Ganesha created Santoshi Maa through the divine flames and the two sons of Lord Ganesha got their sister for the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.
  • Krishna and Draupadi- Based on an account of Mahabharat, Draupadi, wife of Pandavas tied a rakhi to Lord Krishna while Kunti tied the rakhi to grandson Abhimanyu before the epic war.
  • Yama and the Yamuna- Another legend says that the death God, Yama did not visit his sister Yamuna for a period of 12 years who ultimately became very sad. On the advice of Ganga, Yama went to meet his sister Yamuna who has very happy and performed hospitality of her brother, Yama. This made the Yama delighted who asked Yamuna for a gift. She expressed her desire to see her brother again and again. Hearing this, Yama made his sister, Yamuna immortal so that he could see her again and again. This mythological account forms the basis of festival called “Bhai Dooj” which is also based on the brother-sister relationship.

Reason for the celebration of this festival

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is observed as a symbol of duty between brothers and sisters. The occasion is meant to celebrate any type of brother-sister relationship between men and women who may not be biologically related.

On this day, a sister ties a rakhi around the wrist of her brother in order to pray for his prosperity, health and well-being. The brother in return offers a gifts and promises to protect his sister from any harm and under every circumstance. The festival is also celebrated between brother-sister belonging to distant family members, relatives or cousins.

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Very old picture of my brother and sister as Celebrated the festival of Raksha Bandhan. Miss you so much

Gifts ideas for Raksha Bandhan

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  • Men formal Shoe
  • Men Casual Shoe

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Buying Shoe: Quality vs Quantity | Exotique Shoe

Quality vs Quantity

Shopping for quality footwear versus buying in quantity has many benefits. Although tempting, purchasing inexpensive shoes will cost you more than just money in the long run.  The urge to buy trendy, inexpensive shoes can be very strong, especially in this day and age as we’re hit with marketing from every angle.  Below are some examples of the importance of buying quality footwear.

Reduced carbon footprint (literally):

If you are purchasing quality shoes you’re going to have the need to buy less often, and in turn you’re doing the earth (and yourself) a huge favor.


Invest your money into a quality pair of shoes that will last you for many seasons.  Although it may seem like you’re paying more up front for a quality pair of shoes, you’re just going to end up shelling out more money, more frequently if you choose to purchase cheap pairs of shoes because those items will not last.  If you calculate the cost per wear on a quality pair of shoes that you’ll get a lot of use from, chances are you’ll find that you’re actually saving money.

Better Foot Health:

If you invest your money in a nice pair of shoes, chances are that pair of shoes will be made with high quality materials that will provide your feet with support and comfort that they deserve.  Shoes with supportive materials ensure good foot health and lots of comfort.  You only have 1 pair of feet, so treat them with love and respect.  They will thank you!

Reasons To Invest in Quality Footwear vs Buying in Quantity


Classic silhouettes never go out of style.  If you buy a timeless item, you don’t have to worry about it looking dated in a few seasons.

Looking Your Best:

You’ll feel better because people will take you more seriously.  A polished look never goes unappreciated, so make an effort to pull together your ensemble with a pair of quality shoes.

Easier dressing:

Fewer pairs of nice shoes will make choosing an outfit a whole lot easier!  If you have a pared down, edited wardrobe that includes a couple pairs of quality shoes, you won’t have to scramble in the morning when it is time to get ready.

These are just a few of the many reasons to invest in quality footwear.  Shop timeless, dependent shoes made from quality materials at exotiqueshoe!

Best Wallet For Men 2019|Exotique Men Wallets Online


Who knew that choosing a good wallet could be so hard? Well, it’s really not that hard but we encourage you not just to grab the first wallet that appeals to you (probably because of how it looks) and then toss it into your shopping cart. So, slow down a bit, and consider the basics of finding the right wallet for you.


A simple, neat wallet is usually the best buying option for many men. Wallets come in a wide variety of colours, designs, and styles, but a wallet in a plain colour is good for casual and formal events. A cheesy wallet won’t reflect as well on your personality.


Choosing the right size wallet is another important part of the buying process. Again, don’t go overboard, because a fat wallet filled with stuff isn’t necessarily an attractive look. It’s also harder to fit into your back pocket and creates a bulge in the wrong area of your trousers.

Buying a smaller wallet means, for many men, scaling back on what they usually carry, i.e., credit cards, receipts, restaurant gift cards, library cards, ID … you name it. In most cases, you’ll be surprised by how much less you can carry and how nice it feels to have a slimmer, uncluttered wallet.

 3. TYPE

Wallets come in many types and the type you choose generally depends on how you plan to use it. Here’s a quick rundown on some of the more popular styles:

  • Bifold

The classic bifold is one of the most commonly used and popular wallets available. A bifold allows you to access your cash and card with the lift of a flap. Bifolds have a slim design and don’t feel as if you’re sitting on a brick all day.

  • Trifold

What sets the trifold apart from other types of wallets is the multitude of compartments contained within it. If you carry more cards than the average person, a trifold is an excellent choice. However, be wary of stuffing your trifold too full of stuff because it can become uncomfortable to sit on for long periods.

  • Money Clip

If you prefer a minimalist design and carry a limited number of items, then a money clip is a good option. Money clips are small pieces of plastic or pliable metal designed to hold a wad of cash together. If nothing else, using a money clip is a great way of organizing your cash. The downside is that money clips generally don’t protect your money as well as other types of wallets.

  • Minimalist

Modern minimalist wallets combine the best elements of money clips and credit card holders. They’re designed to reduce the number of items that can one can jam int a wallet.

  • Materials

Wallets come in a variety of materials: leather, canvas, cotton, polyester, etc. Each type of fabric has its pros and cons, but we think leather is best. And leather wallets typically consist of two types of leather:

  •  Full-grain leather

Full-grain leather is thicker and more durable than other types of leather because it’s not overly-processed.

  • Split-grain leather

Split-grain leather is lower quality than full-grain leather and consists of a composite material in which the top layer closely resembles full-grain leather while the bottom layer is a thinner form of leather (split-grain). Split-grain wears more easily than full-grain and isn’t as durable.


A wallet’s functionality is determined, in large part, by its compartments. Determine how much you tend to carry in a wallet before you buy. If you carry a lot of items – remember, the simpler the better – then look for a wallet that has all the necessary slots. Another nice feature you’ll find in many wallets are transparent pockets in which to hold your identification cards, such as your driver’s license.


Choose your leather wallet to best match what you wear most of the time. If you wear suits, then a wallet with a darker finish adds an element of sophistication. If you wear jeans most days, go for a lighter leather wallet.


No one dresses the same all year round, especially if you live in a region in which the four seasons often bring radical weather changes. In the summer, for example, you should carry a slimmer wallet that will keep your shorts and pants from sagging (if you’re not wearing a coat that has pockets for storing your wallet and other items). And sitting all day on a fat wallet can wreak havoc on your lower back and spine alignment.


There are wallets to fit every man’s budget and it’s important to determine how much you want to spend before selecting your wallet. While a higher price doesn’t ensure a better wallet, you also shouldn’t cheap out and by a wallet of clearly lesser quality. Instead, think of your wallet as a long-term investment that will last many years.

Choosing the wallet that’s right for you is challenging when given all the brand and options for you. We hope our list of the best wallets for men will help guide your decision-making.


  • WM0016TN
  • WM0016BR
  • WM0017BK
  • WM0017BL
  • WM0017BR
  • WM0018BK
  • WM0018BR
  • WM0019BK
  • WM0019BL
  • WM0020BR
  • WM0021BR
  • WM0022BL
  • WM0023BK


It’s important to look at your wallet as a long-term investment and not a product that you’ll have to replace frequently. While you may spend more on a quality wallet, your return on investment is much higher.

But you have to do your part.

Getting the longest lifespan possible from your wallet also comes down to how well you take care of it. A well-maintained wallet can last you many years and save you hundreds of dollars. Here are some things you can do to make sure that you’re getting the most life from your wallet:


Stuffing your wallet full of everything that fits in it, from credit cards to year-old receipts to business cards, wreaks havoc on it and will decrease its lifespan. Overloading your wallet stretches out the leather grain and may cause irreparable damage.

The only way to avoid wallet-overloading is carrying only the most necessary items. Give it a good cleaning once a month, or even more frequently, to keep it from becoming too fat.


OK, so those pockets in the back of your pants are ideal for carrying a wallet. But that doesn’t mean you have to use them for that purpose. Sitting on your wallet all day puts undue pressure on it while causing it to wear out prematurely. Besides, sitting on a wallet becomes a pain in the ass (literally) and can mess with your back and spine alignment. Try carrying your wallet in a front pocket of your pants and notice the difference.

Best Exotique Cross Body Bags | Sling Bag | Best Price

Cross Body Bags are definitely one of the most practical bag styles out there; they’re easy to wear, allow you to be hands-free, and look good with basically any outfit! Plus, once you learn to downsize your everyday essentials (think switching from a wallet to a card holder), they can make the perfect everyday bag. From the more affordable labels to the designer brands like Exotique, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite cross body bags to shop now.